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Is there a pill to remove warts? If you decide to treat your own wart, your first-choice remedy should be an over- the -counter medication in liquid, gel, pad, or ointment form. Most of these contain salicylic acid, which softens abnormal skin cells and dissolves them. Some examples are Compound W, Duofilm, and Occlusal HP.
How do you use vinegar to check for genital warts? If genital warts aren't visible, you'll need one or more of the following tests: Vinegar (acetic acid) solution test. A vinegar solution applied to HPV-infected genital areas turns them white. Pap test. Your doctor collects a sample of cells from your cervix or vagina to send for laboratory analysis. DNA test.
How do they test for genital warts? Your doctor will examine you or take a biopsy (a sample of the wart) to see if you have genital warts. She might draw a blood sample to test for HIV and syphilis.
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