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What is the strongest natural antibiotic? Seven best natural antibiotics Garlic. Cultures across the world have long recognized garlic for its preventive and curative powers. Honey. Since the time of Aristotle, honey has been used as an ointment that helps wounds to heal and prevents or draws out infection. Ginger. Echinacea. Goldenseal. Clove. Oregano.
What is the first sign of kidney failure? Signs and symptoms of acute kidney failure may include: Decreased urine output, although occasionally urine output remains normal. Fluid retention, causing swelling in your legs, ankles or feet. Shortness of breath.
Does apple cider vinegar kill bacterial infections? Apple cider vinegar may also have antibacterial properties. One test tube study found that apple cider vinegar was effective at killing Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, which is the bacteria responsible for staph infections.
Can a tooth infection affect your whole body? To understand how the mouth can affect the body, it helps to understand what can go wrong in the first place. Bacteria that builds up on teeth make gums prone to infection. The immune system moves in to attack the infection and the gums become inflamed. Inflammation can also cause problems in the rest of the body.
What are the most common infectious diseases? The 5 Most Common Infectious Diseases Hepatitis B. According to current statistics, hepatitis B is the most common infectious disease in the world, affecting some 2 billion people -- that's more than one-quarter of the world's population. Malaria. Hepatitis C. Dengue. Tuberculosis.
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